Dark Arts: Dead Pretties & Fish

The Londoners Dead Pretties and  Fish came to Leeds to celebrate the best and worst of the world. The cold invaded my camera so Dark Arts turned into these colourful collages, nothing you‘re not used to.

A night where my mind was trying to get away but the music made me stay. The last time I went to Headrow House was exactly a year ago when I first met Telegram. On that Saturday, the vibe was totally different as we could see from the rooftop (I’m talking about their ‘You Used To Call Me On My Cell Phone’ neon lights. Drake was coming to town).




Anyway. Dark Arts brought me to Leeds to see Dead Pretties live. They played Vodafone Mexefest in Lisbon last November and after hearing so many great things about them, I finally got to experience it myself. Now with their fabulous song “Social Experiment” out (the single launch is today at Windmill, London), Dead Pretties were everything I was hoping for: fresh, fiery and untamed. We have this feeling that the explosion is about to happen. Go see them live soon (Check their dates here).

(fun fact: I nearly bumped into them at the pub this weekend while I was running home, holding a Valentines Day balloon )


Yes, you need to go fishing 😉 if you want to find stuff about this band but just like Dead Pretties, it will be more than worth it. Fish is also a part of this London scene, playing with the most exciting new and not so new bands. The aftertaste we got from listening to them was unique for the rest of the night. Their low-profile presence on stage, as well as their warm and melodic grunge, transported me to a garage where Asha’s voice got immediately stuck to me. There is plenty of fish in the sea but I’m pretty sure you will want to catch this one.


Collages made by me at Yumchaa in Soho, train journeys to Huddersfield and film lectures.