TONSTARTSSBANDHT toured Europe and Manchester was one of the lucky cities to be part of their list. Spoiler alert: It felt so right. Edwin gave us the finest history classes while Andy showed us the greatest warm up skills. Here’s the visual experience of our day with them at Soup Kitchen.

2014 seems to be so far away from the reality I have in front of me right now (I never would have thought  I would be writing this while drinking one of the ciders I had to desperately buy to treat myself from surviving an exhausting shift, after coming back from London where I spent a good part of my time inside an arcade avoiding any responsibility of a future graduate. Anyway). There are some details I won’t forget. One of them is when I met Andy (I talked vaguely about it here): I had short hair and that was my last night out as a Lisbon resident. We talked about socks, the shirt he found in his own bin but also TONSTARTSSBANDHT. I remember listening to An When while packing and adding some of the videos of their live performances to my favourites tab so I could easily go back to them.



2 1/2 years later and I finally had the chance to watch them live. TONSTARTSSBANDHT toured Europe and Manchester was one of the lucky cities to be part of their list. Spoiler alert: It felt so right. With other projects in between, Andy and Edwin have been moving around but they’re finally together and back on tour. They’ve released their incredible new track “Sorcerer” early this year and watching it live, explained everything I have always said. This is a live band. Your computer will make you listen to “5FT7“ on repeat but a gig like the one we watched at Soup Kitchen will hypnotise you in a matter of seconds. You will be introduced to a distinctive live setting, where the harmonies don’t match in the way we got used to, often sounding as an echo, but do I have to say that this is one of the reasons  why they’re so exceptional to watch live? Andy’s vocal experimentations and Edwin’s captivating performance behind his drum kit turn TONSTARTSSBANDHT the best example of a self-produced band that adopt the art of the unpredictable, creating new ways of making music, where a genre designation sounds (and IS!!!!) a waste of time.




The crowd was everything I wished for. Focused on every single move they took on stage. Riffs, harmonies or even jokes, there is so much stuff happening that missing one single detail of it can be seen as a sin. Adrenaline took care of our body and when the set came to an end, we didn’t even realise that this was the longest gig the brothers played on this tour (Not like anyone minded…) . Soup Kitchen gave us the most memorable moments: from their delicious food (venue-made drinks game was going strong) to the most horrible odours. Sorry in advance if you smelled something a bit peculiar when you arrived at the venue (We opened a box of not so good broccolis).



TONSTARTSSBANDHT – twitterbandcamp


More photos of that day here || photos by : Raquel Candeias (Assisted by Edwin White) || Drawings by: Esmée Balcewicz