Lamb @ Coliseu | Porto | Review

We went back to Porto to see Lamb’s first concert in Portugal after what seemed like such a long while – as a celebration of the 21 years of the release of their first studio album – in one of the most famous venues of the city, the Coliseum.

A concert scheduled for portuguese dinner time, needed, taking into account the long setlist on the horizon. We celebrated not only the first record, but also more recent songs from “Backspace Unwind” and also commercial hits such as “Gabriel”, the song that echoed through our ears through the whole summer long which is also one of the anthems from the early 00s


Lou Rhodes, with her extravagant look, delighted the avid fans that were one the firstrow rows which in turn compensated the lack of a full house – on a monday, on a cold autumnal day in which not everyone is compelled to leave their home. Andy Barlow, with the wisdom of producer and performer, gave the audience an electrifying energy, worthy of a ful stadium.

A concert with the perfect length for Lamb’s fans, it got maybe a little bit too repetitive to those that don’t know their drum n bass side as well.

No one can deny the competence of this veteran duo. With an amazing collection of musicians on stage, from trumpet to violin, it was a complex symphony of different tones and phases.

A divided concerto that made a lot of sense to the celebration in course.


With no pretensions, but with a change in outfit from a magnanimous old to a sexy red, Lou professes a love declaration to the portuguese audience with no fear; in that same way, Andygest also repeatedly gestured how much he loves Portugal.

Lamb means youth to a lot of peoples, those crazy, wild nights in the club during the turn of the millennium, the warm summer nights.

Currently, Lamb need to be respected and appreciated taking into account their history and influence in current music. Even if they don’t quite fit in the current music scene.

In a time when music exposure is constant, and who buys tickets are the youngsters, the idea of two dates, in a small country of a band that  peaked around ten years ago is debatable. Respectable, but debatable.

Texto: Joana Paiva

Fotos: Rui Sá