Spoon @ Coliseu | Porto | Review

Spoon came back to Portugal after a brilliant concert this summer at NOS Alive, and of course, with a new album on their hands, they had to come back to headline their own show – two times (lucky us!) in our amazing country. Thursday in Porto and Friday in Lisbon in two of the most characteristic and oldest venues in Portugal.

This was a highly antecipated concert in this autumnal schedule of concerts. “Hot Thougths” has been playing non stop on our minds since thursday and it’s all because of its brilliance. It’s really difficult to say anything other than amazing things about Spoon, one of the most influential bands of indie rock, but we’ll try our best.

First things first, the opening act seemed to fit in perfectly with the whole atmosphere of the night, still with a half full venue, the London based (italian born) Husky Loops – a band that we can see playing major festivals in the very near future. An experimental rock sound, reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys if they had procriated with Royal Blood – a sound that sticks in your head, with some sensual guitar riffs that tell us that they’re ready for stardom. A very good choice to start the night – check their headline tour during the winter around winter. Also you can lsiten to them on Spotify and tell me what you think (you’ll like it – I have a feeling).





Now, off to the band that made us get out of the house and go have fun on a Thusday night! – the one and only Spoon.


Writing about a band that has been reviewed thousands of times, and that’s already established as one of the most relevant bands of indie rock seems like a tough task, but it has to be done. Unfairly for them, the venue wasn’t entirely full, far from it, it might be a combination of cold weather, lazyness and almost half of the month syndrome? I don’t get it – I certainly wouldn’t miss it, specially when the last two Spoon concerts I’ve seen I was lucky enough to interview the amazing Jim Eno and they were simply brilliant. It is a really amazing feeling when you’re in a concert and do nothing but immerse yourself in the music being played onstage. That’s what Spoon do, besides the amazing lyrics, the melody takes over your nerve endings and stimulate all your senses.

As it was expected the audience was mostly a collection of 25yo to 40yo – the music fans who do their research and really appreciate it. That made up for an audience knowledgeable of the band they were watching.

A very well organized setlist that made up for amazing moments in a worthy 2 hour show. Of course, songs such as “Inside Out” and “Do You”, from the album “They want my soul” released in 2014 were two of the most songs sung wholeheartedly by the audience as we expected – totally part of our roadtrip through America playlist no doubt. There was also a celebration of the older albums such as “Transference” from 2010 and “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” from 2007 with the celebrated song “The Underdog” – it was a collection of Spoon’s greatest hits and it was an amazing feeling throughout the whole gig.



We just need to also talk in a special note about teh album that made them come to Porto this time around “Hot Thoughts” – with the single with the same name headlining the encore (of four songs!). An album filled with memorable music and that deserves a mention just to itself.

All this to say, Spoon are one of the best bands around – and that has to be said. And the most beautiful thing about all this is that there is a whole generation finding out their music – and that’s what makes the music world go round.

Words: Joana Paiva @joanaaviap

Photos: Rui Sá @ruiosa