Cigarettes after Sex || Hard Club || Porto

A safe but nonetheless, smart bet. Cigarettes After Sex have been on everyone’s radar for a year now and they’re becoming more relevant to today’s culture everytime we see them perform live. It’s not quite everyone’s cup of tea, but tea doesn’t really go with cigarettes, does it?

The fourth time performing for the portuguese audience and the love keeps growing for the all-black-monochrome-image-deal band – yes I am pretty well aware that those are a whole lot of hiffens. The music is quite clearly aimed to those who have emotions right there bursting out of their skin. It talks about all the stages of relationships, it’s all very dramatic and it sells – people obviously connect to it – who hasn’t been in love already? Or think that they have? Everyone has a favourite song in this album because it makes them remember something or someone – there were even people crying at the concert – which I get, but up to a certain point – I might just be an emotionless creature (that or the fact I couldn’t really hear what he was singing made up for a less of a good experience).


Don’t get me wrong, the merit is there and it’s all theirs. And they’re very adequate musicians – the thing is, they are so true to themseleves that I feel that the same song keeps playing over and over again – it’s so much “their sound” that it is only that – minus the REO Speedwagon cover of “Keep on Loving You” which was pretty decent. The album is amazing, and I love (honestly) listening to it – the thing is it only makes me sway during a concert, and that makes my back hurt.


I can’t, unlike a lot of my peers say that they’re a thrilling band to see perform live, they’re not, their muic isn’t either. It is soothing for the soul, definitely. It’s an all together wave of 80s slow dances in a 2017 greed controlled world. It’s beautiful and sad, like every single thing, it has its nuances.



If you’re looking for a band that devotes their love to you, member of the audience, this is not that band – their interaction with the public is sustained only by the music they play, and honestly that’s how it should be. A full room, filled with music lovers – let’s see if the ash in the stray sizzles a little bit more or if it will just fade away…like so many before them.

Words: Joana Paiva

Photos: Rui Sá