∆ Alt-J || 2018 starts now ∆

This year needs to be great… and starting the first week with an Alt-J gig is a pretty good way to make this happen don’t you think?
They thought that too, so they decided to start this Relaxer Tour at Altice Arena, where it was also their first gig here outside a festival (Do you remember our interview with them this summer?).

They didn’t come alone though, Marika Hackman came too and what a girl!!! This legend and her band showed us her folk rock with some fuzz and the arena echoed her lovely voice in the most delicious way.

Marika brought us her last studio album called I’m Not Your Man released in 2017, and we got to listen to our favourite hits such as Majesty, Boyfriend or Good Intentions. The English musician wasn’t indifferent to the Portuguese crowd, smiles and appreciation comments were mutually shared but unfortunately, shows like these don’t last forever. The thing is…  I’m pretty sure that everyone who got to experience those 40 minutes were thankful to have been there, and taking part of what it was the first gig of Marika, one of the most talented musicians of this generation in Portugal.



Right. Break time. Let’s drink some water, tea (it was a pretty British night) or something cooler.

*cough* BEER *cough*


30 minutes later, the stage was ready to bring one of our favourites English indie rock bands, Alt-J ( Joe, Gus and Thom). We couldn’t wait to listen to ‘Relaxer’ and be the first crowd of this tour that started in Lisbon. Lucky us.


Similarly to what we saw at NOS Alive last year, Alt-J also bring us a visual show which definitely works better indoors, where the light reach a whole different intensity, providing an incredible and surrounding experience.

Even though this tour is focused on their last record, we got to sing along to some songs from their very first album ‘An Awesome Wave’ such us Taro, Matilda and Bloodflood. After playing 16 songs,  they left the stage (surprise, surprise) and the crowd got freaked out asking for more. You know what happened after this, right? No? They (obviously) returned to the stage so they could end the night properly… AKA to play Breezeblocks


Seeing these guys again after six months is a total privilege. The sound that describes them is like a trip between what we know and what we’re still looking for, a trip where we can find something we don’t want to find but it’s still good to find it anyway. The point here is: they inspire tranquility and serenity at the same time, in the same way.
Thank you Joe, Thom and Gus for this night. See you in six months? 




Words: Vitor Cavalheiro  ||  Photos: Luís Sousa (Música em Dx)