Record Shopping with Hooton Tennis Club

Record Shopping with Hooton Tennis Club


On the 1st of November, the city smelled like Halloween and the “souvenirs” of the night before were everywhere. However, the party on this day wasn’t related with pumpkins at all. Hooton Tennis Club played a mini-gig at Vinyl Tap shop in Huddersfield and we decided to go record shopping with the band. The mission was not that simple: each member had to choose an album and the band had to choose THE album that influenced their career the most. It took a while to make a final decision, but it was worth the wait.


Ryan-  The Beatles "Abbey Road"

I chose this record because it's one of those albums that brings me the best memories and it never gets boring. I remember that the day I played this record from start to finish at a friend’s party, we decided to create the 'Abbey Road Club'. So every time we meet, one of us has to bring an album and then hear it in full and no one can talk. 'Something 'is probably my favourite song, but then there is ’Oh Darling' I love singing it (very loud) in the shower.  


Callum- The Smiths "The Smiths"

It was so difficult to choose an album but when I saw this… I knew it was the one. I was about 11 when my dad told me about it. It's always a father thing, isn’t it? Trying to force the musical tastes of their children and sometimes it actually works. At 12, when I was trying to write my first song I decided to take the letter 'Hand In Glove' and change a bit of the melody. Yes… my dad was not that happy when I showed him the song.  


James- David Bowie "Station to Station"

I was still at university when my friend Adam decided to show me this album and I think that was the first time I listened to an album from start to finish. I'm still amazed at the fact it only has six songs... It's full of pop hits and it's the album that accompanies Bowie's transition: Taking cocaine, drinking milk with peppers and ending up being super skinny. As a musician, I dream of making a song as good as 'Station to Station'. Bowie shows that music doesn’t have to be just verse, chorus, verse, chorus. It can be something so epic and theatrical.  


Harry- The Flying Burrito Brothers "Burritos Deluxe"

I listened to this album for the first time very recently. We were in the studio with our producer Bill when he decided to tell me about this band. When I was a kid, I had this idea that country was a mega-cheesy thing, (especially because of the way they dressed…) But lately, this is the kind of music I've been listening to. This album, it's not cheesy at all and when you remember that they were such heroin addicts, everything becomes different. My favourite song is probably 'If You Gotta Go' or the' Wild Horses'. In fact, this song is by Rolling Stones but it ended up being released by The Flying Burrito Brothers first.  


Hooton Tennis Club- Supergrass "I Should Coco"

This was the album that brought us together as a band. They are very 'fun', but that's what makes them special. If we listen to it carefully, there are some serious songs on it. The general opinion is that Supergrass is 'Alright ' (like the song) but for us it was the band that most influenced our life and our friendship. We used to watch the documentary 'Supergrass is 10' so many times that when we met the manager of the band, we tried to recreate scenes and say his own quotes.  

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