Side Stage with… Darwin Deez @The Leadmill- Sheffield (UK)

Side Stage with… Darwin Deez @The Leadmill- Sheffield (UK)


October 17th was not an ordinary day. It was the fourth day of our #birthdaytour / #reuniontour around the U.K. Sheffield was our third stop (after Brighton and London) and after getting off at the wrong stop…. we finally arrived at the right station and ready to go on the Side Stage of Darwin Deez gig at The Leadmill.  

Backstage: We arrived at The Leadmill with our suitcases (yes… "nomad is our middle name") and we were then received by the one and only Seb [Seb is like the French King of Tour Management and Sound Engineer... we are lucky to meet the best people). Everyone was introduced and stories were shared. In the greenroom itself, the scenario was something like this: on one side we had Darwin playing a card game (I think it was Magic, but don’t quote me on this) and Tim (trying) to watch a film, and on the other side we had Greg and Shauna getting ready for the sold out gig while practicing some new moves. Everything was going pretty well until… Seb entered the room singing Happy Birthday with the band Peluché and a birthday cake (with another 10 cupcakes). Raquel didn’t cry but she’ll never be the same again (you can watch that beautiful moment here) After the (AWESOME) gig, and in between fights involving coffee bags and disposable cutlery, we had the opportunity to test our skills as detectives at the same time as testing our friendship. " Seb is our best friend from France".


Onstage: Peluché were responsible to start this amazing music night at The Leadmill. And we couldn’t think of a better way- three(!!!) girls full of power (They could even be us… if we were more talented). When they finished their set, I was willing to move to ‘Ohio’ so believe me… they are good.  The only way to get to the stage was basically going through the crowd and Darwin decided to face the room all by himself (strong and independent man right here!). His fans weren't expecting this and only ‘Hello’s’ were said. Tim, Greg and Shauna arrived minutes later, last adjustments were made and the gig was ready to start. . Between breaks to show off their dance moves and a ten minute Q&A with the crowd, Darwin and his band were definitely in our top10 of the most entertaining and fun gigs e-v-e-r. Not a second went by where we weren’t smiling and shaking our hips (in a controlled but uncoordinated way… we try) and we were not the only ones feeling like this. The room was sold out and the reason is so simple. Our identity, our problems or existential doubts were completely left at the door and all attention was turned to one special place: the stage. The first row not only knew all the lyrics by heart, but also we could see they were "Up in the Clouds" and everything they saw were "Constellations". ( ;) if you got it) .


Offstage: As you can imagine the side stage of the gig was on fire, so we decided to check the sound desk vibe and see how Seb was doing. Everything was more exciting than the song ‘Radar Detector’. When the gig was over, the less exciting part of touring came. Playing Tetris with all the stuff (good and cool stuff!!!) they have to pack in the van.


After hugs and words had been exchanged with the fans, Darwin, Tim, Greg and Shauna were ready to continue their journey and enchant England and surroundings with their energy. What about us? We stayed at The Leadmill to kill some time before getting back to the road. (When I say back to the road I actually mean taking a cold and smelly bus at 4 am)  

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