2018 in an instant (photo)

2018 in an instant (photo)

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”

— Andy Warhol

When someone finds out I partially work in music journalism they instantly want to know more about it. "How is it to know all those rockstars?" or "the parties must be amazing" and sometimes (more often than you think) - "Can you get me some free tickets?" - seriously, guys? If I have them I'll tell you, but the most likely person to benefit from this is my brother! (You're welcome, by the way).


The amazing YONAKA in BCN

By Joana Paiva

Yes, it is all pretty great, not gonna lie. In these past 6 years we've lived adventures we could never have dreamed of when we first started our project in a little café by the castle, in Lisbon. We were in our yearly 20s (well, some of us) and we were eager to speak our mind and make a mark in the music industry, somehow. It's so strange how time just went by, I didn't even notice...meanwhile we've done so much...but we always have that tiny feeling we could be doing a whole lot more - that's annoying.

2/3 in Barcelona

(by Callum)

It had (still does) its ups and downs, but the thing that makes me wanting to keep doing what I do (I'll tell you what I do in a minute) - is the people I meet along the way - not only the musicians, roadies, photographers, but the all the media frenzy that exists to promote them.

Another 2/3 in Lisbon

(I want to say Nônô took this photo?)

My fellow journalists became my friends and these experiences would not be the same without them. Everyone who works in the promotion of a gig or a festival is someone I deeply respect - and party with when needed. 2018 was a fragmented year - the three of us, in Side Stage, where almost never together - or never, really - because as official adults, some "adulting" had to be done and responsabilities became imperative to fulfil. Three people with jobs, available at the same time in the 21st century is kind of impossible. Even though we weren't together for most of the year we always carry with us a camera - whether it is Ana's beautiful Zoe (a sony alpha7), my instant camera, Raquel's famous disposables or our phones (with load of editing - thank you VSCO cam).

Instant photos are fragments of moments, fun moments, that you want to remember forever - and that is why I am writing this piece - I want to show you how my year was visually. Also, I want to tell you about the brilliant people I had the pleasure of working, laughing and having a hell of a lot of fun with.


Ana and João - and me being a creep in the back

In side stage we are a collective who loves music. We write about music and also try to transmit how music makes us feels with other artistic forms - whether it is photos, poems, or very heartfelt articles about whatever we want to talk about that day.


No shame - love is love

We also have the privilege to ocasionally interview musicians which is honestly, my favourite part. Being close to someone you admire makes you understand them and their art in a whole different way - and that's something I appreciate and I can't say thank you enough to all the label representatives, agents and PR managers who give us the opportunities to do it.

Ezra Furman, being the cutest

Photo by Joana Paiva

I can't stretch this idea enough - we may seem competitive at work - specially when photographers hit the pit - it's a jungle out there. But also, there's a collective caring for each other. Since we started, we always aimed to be different by trying to get along with everyone and complimenting our colleague's hard work because life is too short for complications and intrigues. And I mean, when there's partying involved, sometimes things can get weird.

The OGs (+ Raquel is in London, but technically she is in this photo)

Ana took this one - I assume, as she is not in the photo :(

There are people who are with us since the begining - Luís, Sandra, David, Vera, João, Nônô, António, Rita, Sara, Luís, Gonçalo, Peter, Verónica, João, Catarina, and so many, many more who crossed our paths along the way - we work together and we try to make music not only listened, but heard...We are just making our little contribution in hopes that music keeps being a vehicle for people to unwind and forget about their problems - which in this time and age - are not that few.

2018 was a year of Ana and Raquel, Raquel and Joana, Joana and Ana - let's make 2019 a year of Joana, Ana and Raquel.

Words by Joana Paiva

Photos taken collectively by everyone who had the camera in their hands and pressed click - me, Ana, Nônô, Omar, the photo machine at NOS Alive (who operated by itself) and I think that's it - if I forget someone I am sorry, it was a busy year.

New Year, New Side Stage

New Year, New Side Stage

Lazy Sunday Afternoons - Bohemian Rhapsody

Lazy Sunday Afternoons - Bohemian Rhapsody