All trails led to Musicbox

All trails led to Musicbox

It’s been 6 years since me, Raquel and Joana started Side Stage Collective in a little café by Sé de Lisboa. When we were trying to figure out what name give the project, we discussed our motivations. We which had our own, and mine was always: If you want something and there’s no opportunities for you, create one for yourself. And that’s what we did together. I wanted to work in the music business, doing something photography/ video related. But I wasn’t quite sure what this meant- I  wasn’t familiar with the term “Content Creator” at the time.

Since the beginning, slow but steady, all trails led me to Musicbox Lisboa, the music venue where we kind of started out, that saw us grow and that gave me the job I have today.

BSST (Before Side Stage Times)

Mikal Cronin – July 25th 2013

Took my instant camera just for fun… and also as an experience. Side Stage Collective was in the woven at the time so I had that on the back of my mind.

SST (Side Stage Times)

Damien Jurado & William Tyler – September 3rd 2013

Our 1st credential, 1st phoner interview, 1st face to face interview, the 1st concert I photographed with a digital camera. We jumped into the blogosphere head first like the three crazy humans we are. I left Musicbox almost crying that night because the lights were so low, thinking to myself “I will never be able to photograph here”. Funny to look back at that now.

Small Black – September 21st 2013

It was during this show that we started to realize we were not just another music blog. There was a human side to it, an interest in getting to know the people that actually made the music that wasn’t in anyway common at the time. There was an honesty that surpassed just traditional journalism.  


Skip & Die – April 24th 2014

Me and Raquel experimented a lot on this article, in terms of content I mean. We told a tale with collage photography. We were breaking boundaries with no fear. “That’s not a real report of a music show” someone said about our articles once. It was waaaay more real than ever.


Boogarins – November 14th 2015

The beginning of a loooong relationship with Boogarins… Little did we know what would happen later on. That day me and Joana did our traditional crazy game/interview, as you can see here. Boogarins & I ended up doing an experimental documentary together during their residency at MIL Lisboa in 2018. You can watch it here.


Liveurope #1 Odd Couple – March 1st 2016

First collaboration between Side Stage Collective and Musicbox. We were challenged to develop a series of mini documentaries with European bands that played at the venue. “If the first one works, we’ll do more”, they told us. And we did. The series continues to this day.

Jameson Urban Routes – October 24th to 30th 2016

After the success of the Liveurope Chapters I was called to create the promo video campaign and the aftermovie of Jameson Urban Routes Festival, all by myself. 7 days that felt like a month of insane hours, amazing music, amazing people and I wanted to be part of all that. Desperately. The invitation to join the team came not so long after the festival.

Wooden Wisdom + Girl Band – November 11th and 12th 2016

Those were the last two shows I shot for Side Stage before I started at Musicbox. I went there two nights in a row, sadly without my girls, and it was heavy. The internship was being negotiated but at the time it seemed like it wouldn’t happen for bureaucracy reasons. I was devastated. On top of that, Girl Band gave a very psychologically heavy show, it was almost too much to handle.


I ended up getting the internship after all, starting my job (a freaking real job) at Musicbox Lisboa on January 2nd 2017. I was literally thrown into a position of Head of Content with the craziest amount of challenges with social media, music genres I was not used to listen to, starting festivals from scratch… It was and still is a crazy, fascinating and sometimes scary journey. I LOVE IT.

You can see the “rest of the story” (meaning, my work at Musicbox) on YoutubeInstagram and Facebook.

Side Stage Collective ended up shaping my career in the most not so subtle way after all. It’s insane how this all started. By accident.

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