Primavera Finds

Primavera Finds

This is the actual play of events of what happened when I listened to the Primavera Sound BCN playlist on shuffle - if I try to be funny...laugh, please?

So, it’s Friday afternoon and the weather is terrible. It’s raining and I’m daydreaming about the sunbathing that’s going to happen in a few months in the beautiful city of Barcelona. I just turned the heater on and opened my laptop – my fingers are frozen because the temperature isn’t warm yet – and I open Spotify.

Even though lots of the artists performing in Barcelona are already very well known, there are a few we are curious about and some we have never heard of.

So, come with me in this beautiful journey while I open the Spotify playlist and click on shuffle.

DISCLAIMER: I may sound ridiculous but this is my first impression of some of these artists so – this is a naive review.

The first name to come up is Ama Lou with the song “Not Always” – she has been under our radar for a while and she is probably one of the artists we are most excited to see in Barcelona – she is only 20 years old with the voice of na angel. I aprove this one, on to the next...

...The canadian Marie Davidson it sounds like she will be one of the names at later hours, I can definitely see myself dancing to “Adieu au dancefloor” by the sea. Not impressive, just okay.

Here comes the Drujm! With “Blue Violet” – long intro...still waiting for that beat...I might click shuffle again soon...I did it, maybe they’ll convince me later in the playlist.

Meresha is playing while I went to the kitchen to grab some tea – the atmosphere is getting warmer, so is the music – the song “Jungle Potion” reminds me of walks on the beach and sipping cocktails – not totally different than other soft R’n’b musicians, but not unnactractive.

Nina, Nina, Nina – she’s gonna get us! I can’t wait to dance like there’s no tomorrow with Nina Kraviz – damn her beats are so sick, dude – kinda turned into a surfer dude there, I swear it won’t happen again.

Boy pablo – hmmm probably they’re going to be one of the bands to watch – we will definitely watch them – “Everytime” is such a nice song – peaceful but edgy – btw it’s great for a rainy day.

“Thingamajig” what? Oh wait weird name, beautiful voice...I guess the title is a play on words – got it. It does sound like a song playing on the background while the main character of a movie is realising their wrongdoings [subtle hint – put this song in a movie].

Of course it wouldn’t be Primavera without some out of the ordinary groups like – The mystery of the Bulgarian voices. “Pora Sotunda” is a sort of traditional chant which for some may seem weird in the context of this festival, but hey! JBalvin is headlining, so weirder things have happened.

Modeselektor – frying brains since their beginning – shuffle.

I don’t know why but I find some comfort in bands that started when I was in the womb. In case of Primal Scream I wasn’t even in the womb – but their music makes me think of a less complicated time and how happy people were in the 80s and 90s.

DAAAAAAMN! Kali Uchis – go! See her! She’s the next great thing. Only that she already is the thing! Remember when everyone was excited about FKA Twigs? And Rosalía? Kali Uchis is soooo worth the hype – also, Tyler is in the track I’m listening to – it’s such a warm, happy song “after the storm” – listen to it. Until the end.

“Smack a bitch”? Hmmmm – googling Rico Nasty – her voice reminds me of late 90s female rappers. Although I do not appreciate the violence or the language- the beat is stuck in my head.

Queen Cardi B – never ever have I though in my wildest dreams that Coachella – I mean, Primavera Sound would make Cardi B a headliner – the thing is, this gig and a few more names are going to be the most fun in the festival, no doubt about it.

And speaking of fun – I saw this girl before, and let me tell you, it was one of the most entertaining live performances I’ve ever seen – of course I am talking about Charli XCX. The song I’m listening to is by her and Mura Masa – who was born in Guernesey – just a bit of trivia for you.

Sorry guys meanwhile I stopped paying attention and a song called “Dreaming” started playing – while it has this name, the dreams he must be mentioning are nightmares because that song is freaky. Jon Hassell did that to me. I feel violated. Just googled him – he’s a big deal.

Voiski is playing now and we’re back in 2000 – let’s party like it’s the turn of the century!

I am going to talk to you about this musician ou have NEVER heard before – Mac DeMarco – yes, the spelling of his name is questionable, but I know for a fact he is a wonderful human being. And his music is pretty okay too. Dungarees for the win!

YASSS, I mean JASSS – it’s late at night and we’re sitting down on the other extreme of the festival, on the grass, listening to this.

Avalon Emerson has to be a made up name. No? Couldn’t find the answer – the song “the frontier” came up and it feels like a battle between pixies is happening – cute.

I can’t believe Nas is performing in Primavera – legend! Enough said. By the way the song that came up was “If I ruled the world” featuring Ms. Lauryn Hill – my personal childhood hero – because of sister act, yes – NO SHAME.

The Portuguese word comes up at last with Linn da Quebrada – a wonderful representation of the LGBTQ community. The song is “mEnorme” and it’s spicy.

There are so many bands that have the prefix stereo I get confused sometimes...Stereolab with “Neon Beanbag” bring a sort of childish happiness to this grey, cold day – seriously, the weather is crap.

Okay now – YOU HAVE TO SEE THESE GUYS (I swear I am totally unbiased while writing this) – they were nominated for a Mercury Prize, I mean. Time to dance y’all.

“Try” – I feel like I’ve heard this before – like Sixpence none the richer but NOW. Does this make sense? No? I am going to make some coffee now. Hatchie is the name.

James freaking Blake. Stop. No. Yes, you’re lovely and all us hipsters love you and your broken heart. And you are like the perfect combination between happiness and melancholy. I love his music, damn it. I try to fight it, I swear I do – but I can’t. It always finds its way to me.

I tis so weird that someone we interviewed while star on the rise is now a certified ass-kicking performer – and one of the major performers in the whole festival – of course I am talking about the wonderful Courtney Barnett. So many memories. Kurt Vile played right after her – coincidence? I think not.

“Don’t touch my hair” is both a metaphor for my life and a literal command for everyone who even thinks about it – it also is a song by Solange, the beautiful princess of rhythm and blues. The voice, the balance, the Melody – perfect.

I don’t know why, but Suede have been playing non-stop on my car (I control the music, that’s why) – what I said about Primal Scream fits in here – also I don’t know if someone ever saw Gilmore Girls, but the soundtrack was ridiculous – and Suede was probably in it – sounds like they could have been.

Miss ROBYN, new album, same amazing vibe – let’s do it – I can almost feel like I am looking at the Barcelona sky singing “Missing U” like and idiot to someone I’ve never met. (too sappy? Too bad.)

Shellac – what? Who are they? Just kidding – they have no idea what Primavera is...Nah they are super used to play that venue – and freaking destroying it.

Not going to lie, this is a bit addictive – writing as I listen to music I love – it’s like my hands know what to do by themselves and I’m not even thinking about what I am writing (yes, yes you noticed – I saw that joke coming).

I don’t know who Kelly Kapowsky is but I am going to find out – “The River” – I could almost only find Save by the bell’s Kelly Kapowsky – tough name, girl! Change it, is better.

This is just the first of many artists we're discovering while listening to the Primavera Sound playlist. It's going to be beautiful and we can't wait!

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