Lisbon is ALIVE! (again - 2019 edition)

Lisbon is ALIVE! (again - 2019 edition)

NOS Alive, as all of you - probably - know, it's a very special festival for us. They were the first people to take a chance on us and our work and for that we are grateful. Alive for us means so much more than work, it means family, that family that see each other more often than real families do, and what makes it better - it's all because of MUSIC.

I don't want to take you through memory lane, that's not what we are here to do, rather than that let's look through all the acts that are already on the AMAZING LINE-UP for this year's festival.

The Cure

Is there a musical group as iconic as The Cure? Hmmm I think not. The angsty teens of the 80s will forever be in debt to NOS Alive for allowing them to see greatness happen before their eyes - and we cannot wait to see these legends perform. It's going to be one for the books.

Ornatos Violeta

For the foreigners attending NOS Alive, this will be a great find. Ornatos are probably one of the best Portuguese music groups ever, and they're coming back for 3 shows only, one of them @ NOS ALIVE!


And they just keep coming - Weezer are in a league of their own and it's wonderful to see them having a stand in the current music tendencies.

This girl has been on a never-ending uphill ride and how beautiful it is to listen to her beautiful voice and the soft melodies that she echoes. The one to watch on this festival.

The queen of Sweden, at least in our eyes, Robyn excites, submerges people with her upbeat songs some times about very dark subjects. The absolute Swedish power queen - we are so excited to dance to her all night!

Prodigy. Surprising. Exciting. Brilliant. One of the surprises of last year. Her rise to fame was quick and painless and she is a deserving one. Her talent is endless.

DANCE. THE. NIGHT. AWAY. What more is there to say about this legends?

Before Radiohead, came Thom Yorke. After Radiohead came Thom Yorke...let's see how it goes! He never disappoints, or does he?

WE ARE NOT WORTHY. Holy supreme coolness. That's it. Women know how to rock - you don't want to fight me on this subject.

Australia making a statement here. The land down under never disappoints. It brings the noise and the cool.

They are everywhere. They are CRAZY (if crazy means genius) - they are an endless source of energy. They're solar powered, wind powered, crowd pleasers, master performers - we nominate ourselves as their merch girls (YES? GUYS? NO?...we'll talk).

Well, my friends know I'm lame and they also know how much I love these guys. Their quirkiness makes everything better, the beats are better than ever - they make everyone feel good at all times. It's ridiculous how a band can make people feel so good. I can't wait to go back to 2013 when I fell in love with the modern vampires of the city and make the feeling transfer to 2019, when I am certainly going to fall in love withe the father of the bride.

YUP. It's happening. AGAIN. Late night, main stage. LET'S DO THIS.

When I heard this confirmation, I couldn't believe it. Bob Moses have a very special meaning to me and watching them perform it's going to bring some very good memories - besides, when we decide this website is not PG13 anymore, I might be able to elaborate on this.


There must be a god. And that god is bringing all 90s music lovers to LISBON.

Some love him, some hate him, some love to hate him - YET he fills up venues all over the world with his folk-turning into electronic music. And he keeps being brilliant.

Guys, I swear I'll keep you up to date with all the new conformations, meanwhile - KEEP LOVING MUSIC.



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