Why NOS Primavera Sound is the oasis of live music

Why NOS Primavera Sound is the oasis of live music

In case you don't know this yet, there are two places in this world where you can listen to beautiful music at the same time you look ate a beautiful sunset - Porto and Barcelona - those are the two places where you can be a part of the PRIMAVERA experience.

Parque da Cidade in Porto is that oasis I was telling you about - filled with green grass, hills where you can rest, a stage just by a lake and the sea, just a few feet away. In my opinion there are only a few places that can compare. Primavera Sound Porto is probably one of the most cherished festivals in the world, and if you are a music lover you know this.

This year, just like every year, the line-up is different and amazing and a little bit intriguing - well, who thought J Balvin was ever going to play in one of these festivals, little alone in both of them! One thing is for sure, we are going to dance in this one.

There are so many acts we are looking forward to see, many of them for the very first time - and we can't wait. I wanted to write this in a way it wouldn't be boring - words, words, words...So let's do this!


Solange is certainly one of the artists we're most excited to see! Her sound is unlike anything we've ever heard, she's a beautiful performer and will certainly bring the rhythm & blues to the city of Porto.

Another QUEEN - Erykah Badu, legendary music maker is going to grace us with her presence and we anticipate a beautiful set, filled with love and lots of music.


Certainly THE MOST ANTICIPATED artist in this line-up by the masses. Rosalía blew up in a way we can't even describe. All of a sudden she was everywhere - her music brings the flair of Spanish music to modern times in such a special way.


James Blake, the king of devastating love. The kind of love it makes you toss and turn at night. Love lost, love found. James Blake is the definition of a broken heart - and he has the words and the melodies to heal them. In a way, he might be something of a modern apothecary or wizard, it's up to you to decide.

james blake.jpg

Women are all around this line-up and it's a beautiful thing to see. Miya Folick is THE act to watch and to LOVE. The voice, the music, just takes you somewhere else - it makes you think of simpler times, of when life was easier. When you didn't have so many responsibility - and if you want to escape it for a while just...listen to her...


There are bands, and then there are INTERPOL. They're just not any band. They're adored all around the world. Their music is transversal, it does not get affected by time - if anything, it keeps getting better and better. Interpol might be one of the most relevant bands around and we thank them for that.

These are some of the many acts you can expect in Porto. Just fasten your seatbelts because it's going to be a BEAUTIFUL RIDE. In a beautiful place, with beautiful people.

Collages by Joana Paiva

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